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Cult of the Lamb was not blocked from Game Pass, despite claims to the contrary

Earlier this month, it was reported that Sony had been blocking games from going onto Microsofts Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The type of games this was affecting was never specified, however screenwriter Gary Whitta recently claimed that Sony had paid Cult of the Lambs developer, Massive Monster, to stop the indie-hit from appearing on Xboxs service.

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Zoe embraces a life-long ambition to run a cult with an adorable mascot.

The games publisher Devolver Digital has now rebuked Whittas statement.

Responding to The Gamer, a spokesperson for the company said “this is absolutely not true”.

The claim Sony was blocking games from going onto Games Pass emerged in light of Microsofts intent to buy Activision Blizzard, in a record breaking $68bn deal.

It started when Sony argued that Activisions Call of Duty is a franchise with no rival.

In short, the PlayStation maker suggested, among other things, that the inclusion of Call of Duty on Microsofts Game Pass service would hamper its ability to compete.

Microsoft hit back at Sony following these remarks, and claimed Sony itself hampered competition by paying developers for “blocking rights”, to prevent titles appearing on Xbox Game Pass.

As for Cult of the Lamb, it seems to be doing just fine without being included in Microsofts subscription.

Following its release, it saw an impressive concurrent peak of 61,780 players – on par with Strays 62,963, one of the biggest indie successes of the year.

It has also proven to be popular on Twitch, with streamers applauding the games integration, which allows viewers to influence the game with channel points and enter a raffle for streamers to name their cultists after viewers.

Meanwhile, our Christian Donlan gave Cult of the Lamb a Recommended badge on its release, saying its “desire to please shines throughout”, while calling it a “charmer with a hundred moving parts”.

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