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Call of Duty fans spend £30 on an in-game Burger King skin

Call of Duty Burger King promotion image

Call of Duty fans are spending £30 on codes for an in-game Burger King skin.

The fast food chain is currently running a promotion where a Call of Duty meal can be bought, offering a free in-game Operator Skin (a t-shirt of the fictional Burger Town) and one hour of double xp for Modern Warfare 2.

Codes for these in-game extras are now being sold on eBay, with most sold listings ranging from around £20 to £40 and (amusingly) not always including postage. Some are even higher.

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The Burger King promotion is available in 40 countries worldwide (across Europe, and more). Does not appear to be in the U.S. Check your local Burger King site to see if the site has a “Call of Duty” Meal listed.

— CharlieIntel (@charlieINTEL) October 25, 2022

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The promotion is available in 40 countries worldwide, though this does not include the U.S. or U.K.

The majority of listings on eBay are from across Europe (Germany, Spain, Netherlands, France) and Australia, with others from the United States.

Call of Duty Burger King codes on eBay

Call of Duty Burger King codes on eBay
Burger King Call of Duty codes sold on eBay

If a Burger King Whopper meal is around a fiver (depending on where you live), the skin and xp are worth up to six burgers. Or, around half the price of the game.

Of course, Burger Town is a long-running easter egg in the series, so this Operator Skin is a fun extra. But a £30 fun extra?

Its unclear too why the U.S. and U.K. werent included in the promotion, but there are clearly enough fans in those countries eager for a burger shirt – as PCGamer reports, there are plenty of skins available on eBay in America.

Some restaurants have even been wrapped up in Call of Duty branding, as Activision Blizzard chief marketing officer Fernando Machado shared on Twitter. Heres a Call of Duty restaurant in Puerto Rico where a Burger King should be.

Welcome to the #MW2 @BurgerKing in Puerto Rico 😊❤️🎮 Credit: Facebook/Dillysway pic.twitter.com/UjVHKcHz0X

— Fer Machado (@fer_machado123) October 25, 2022

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Modern Warfare 2 is out today, even if its campaign is “big, bold, and kind of boring”.

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