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Zombies make a return to Call of Duty: Warzone in limited-time mode

Zombies have returned to Call of Duty Warzone in a limited-time mode called Rebirth of the Dead.

While we last saw zombies in the now blown-up Verdansk map, this time they will be invading Rebirth Island, which was first introduced with the release of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

The new mode, developed by support studio Beenox, has had some significant changes from the previous mode to better fit into Rebirth Islands smaller map design.

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Theres a new infestation mechanic, which brings the spirit of a late-round Zombies match to Warzone. Human players may need to fight off dozens of recently respawned Zombies to survive long enough for the final circles.

Players who are killed are brought back as zombies. This should make for a more challenging experience than your usual cannon fodder with AI zombies.

Whats more, at the start of an Infestation, every spectator – Zombies who were KIA – will be respawned. This gives an “extra afterlife” to players who may have gotten eliminated early from the game.

Player-controlled zombies also get some unique abilities and tools, including a Charged Jump which allows you to jump farther and higher, an EMP Blast which destroys enemy electronics like proximity mines, player HUDs and reticles, and a Gas Grenade which damages and disorientates enemies.

Zombie players who eliminate living players are granted a Zombie Syringe, which is an antidote to their condition. Players need for syringes to be brought back from the undead.

Syringes can also be found in supply boxes, medical supplies and buy stations.

The new mode is out now and will be available until 25th August.

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