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You can now download a booklet from Valve chronicling "the story of Steam Deck"

Image: Valve

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Steam Deck in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Valve has released a new booklet all about the company, Steam, and its handheld Steam Deck PC.

This booklet is just over 50 pages long, and is available in Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and English.

It covers some background information on the company, as well as an overview of Steam including “how it came to be and where it is now”, and the “story of Steam Deck”.

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In addition to all this new information, Valve has also promised “tons of pretty pictures” throughout its pages, such as the one in the header and also below. I have had a flick through this new booklet for myself and can confirm this is very much the case.

Image: Valve.

Those who wish to download this new booklet for themselves can do so by following the links below.

Meanwhile, if you happen to be heading along to Tokyo Game Show in September, you will be able to get your hands on a physical copy of Valves new booklet at the Steam Deck booth.

A small team of us contributed to writing, designing, and translating this book – but one of my favorite bits is that my dumb post-it note scribble made it into the book. Everyone please meet Steam Pal =D.https://t.co/nUu1XfjyEc pic.twitter.com/6XkoEnzT6R

— Lawrence Yang (@lawrenceyang) August 25, 2022

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Earlier this week, Valve announced that production of the Steam Deck had “outperformed [the companys] estimates”, a result of which has meant that some with “Q4” reservations may well get their deck sooner than expected.

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