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Yes, that is Elle Fanning in Kojima's mysterious new game teaser

In a twist that everyone saw coming, that mysterious face that Hideo Kojima was teasing along with his new game at TGS last month is indeed that of Elle Fanning.

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A new QR code was found at the PAX Aus gaming convention, with the enigmatic words “where am I?” written across its front. The code was found next to a poster of the same cryptic silhouette.

Here is the QR code pic.twitter.com/8nPbJFxY3W

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon) October 7, 2022

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Scanning this code then leads to a new website and a picture of, yes, Elle Fanning looking back at you, as you can see below from the shot I took on my phone when I scanned the QR code for myself.

Are you a fan of Fanning?

But, with one mystery (perhaps an optimistic use of that word, given that we all guessed it was Fanning at the very beginning of the publicity stunt) now being solved, Kojima has proceeded to tease us with even more elusive goings ons.

In a new tweet, the creator wrote the words: “TGS→”WHO”→ ELLE. PAX→”WHERE”→???. ???→”???”→???”

He then accompanied these musings with four images. The first three we have already seen, with them showing Fannings face at various points of her reveal. The fourth however shows another blanked out visage with the words “Where am I?” written across it.

???→”???”→??? pic.twitter.com/bbeTBsUtLe


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Following the initial “Who am I?” teaser last month, many surmised that a reveal of whatever this game is will be coming at this years Game Award, especially given the fact that Kojima and the events organiser Geoff Keighly are so close – remember when he announced a podcast at Keighlys Gamescom Opening Night Live earlier this year.

In addition to this assumption, many believe this new game will be tied in to Death Strandings sequel, as Norman Reedus, aka Sam Bridges, now follows Fanning on Instagram.

Reedus had previously let slip that Death Stranding 2 is in production, however this has not been officially confirmed or denied by Kojima. Perhaps there is something more to it here. I am sure we will all find out soon enough.

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