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Xenoblade Chronicles will continue beyond 3

The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 team has assured us that there is still plenty of life left in the series.

Speaking as part of an official interview published by Nintendo, Xenoblade developer Genki Yokota was asked whether we would ever see more from Xenoblade Chronicles, given that he had previously called 3 “the culmination of the series”.

In response, Yokota replied: “Yes it will still go on.” In fact, he said he wanted to keep it going for “as long as possible”.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 launch trailer.

As well as discussing future installments, the games DLC plan was also brought up.

The upcoming story DLC will have “quite a high volume of content that will not let [us] down”.

Yokota said: “We will be adding a new story at the end of the expansion pass, and we are thinking of making its volume of content as large as Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country.

“We hope that those who enjoyed that content, as well as newcomers, will pick it up.”

Eurogamer gave Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a rare Essential badge, with our editor-in-chief Martin calling it the series “most adaptable, malleable and high-spirited adventure yet”.

“Perhaps more than any game before it in the series [Xenoblade Chronicles 3] gets the balance between systems and story down perfectly – even better, it manages to entwine the two in an adventure that infuses each of your footsteps with a sense of purpose.

“It might not quite be the revelation the original was back in 2010, but Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is most definitely another JRPG masterpiece from Monolith Soft,” he wrote.

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