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Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family launches in Ireland and Colombia

Xbox Game Pass

Xbox has officially announced its Game Pass Friends and Family plan, which is already available in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland.

A few days ago, a logo for the plan, which was reportedly scraped from Xboxs backend system, surfaced online.

Xbox has now made an official announcement unveiling the new plan, including details on what exactly it includes and pricing.

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Xbox Game Pass Friends and Family will allow up to five people to get access to all of the Game Pass Ultimate benefits, such as cloud streaming, EA Play membership and discounts on the Game Pass library. The plan is priced at €21.99 a month in Ireland and 49,900 pesos in Colombia. Pricing for other regions is yet to be announced.

Anyone who changes from a different plan to Game Pass Friends and Family will have any time remaining converted automatically. For example, one month of Game Pass Ultimate on PC will become 18 days of Game Pass Friends and Family.

Microsoft has also shared rules and limitations of joining the group plan. Only people who live in the same country/region as you can be added to your Friends and Family plan, and people can only be a member of one group at a time. Check out the Game Pass Friends and Family FAQ for full details on joining.

In the FAQ, Microsoft adds that other countries might be added in the “next months”, as this is currently only a pilot in Colombia and Ireland.

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