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Xbox and PC players can't disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2

Xbox and PC players have found their ability to disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2 has disappeared.

The crossplay toggle allows players to choose whether they matchmake with players from other platforms.

Console players tend to disable crossplay to avoid matching against PC players using keyboard and mouse or may be hacking. On the flip side, PC players may wish to avoid console players who have aim assist.

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Eurogamer has independently verified that the crossplay toggle is available for PlayStation players but is missing on Xbox.

The settings menu for Modern Warfare 2 on an Xbox Series X.

The same menu on PlayStation 5 with the crossplay toggle.

Xbox players, however, can get around this by disabling crossplay at the system level. PC players unfortunately have no option.

Players have long called for input-based matchmaking, which would allow players to match with other players who are also using a gamepad or keyboard and mouse. The functionality was a feature of Modern Warfare (2019) but has been missing in subsequent games.

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