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Poll: Would you switch to Xbox if Call of Duty was on Game Pass?

The never-ending saga that is the Microsoft-Activision deal took a new turn when reports that the United States Federal Trade Commission is planning to file an antitrust lawsuit against the deal became known. This could potentially delay a decision on the acquisition for several years.

Meanwhile, the Competition and Markets Authority published redacted documents from Microsoft and Sony, laying out its arguments for and against the acquisition, respectively.

Key to Sonys argument against the deal is giving control of Call of Duty to Microsoft. Leaning on the CMAs concerns about Microsofts leading role in gaming subscription services, Sony argues that placing Call of Duty on Xbox Game Pass would be hugely detrimental to PlayStation.

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Eurogamer Newscast: Why is Sony worried about Call of Duty on PlayStation 6?

Hilariously, to reinforce its point, Sony dunked on the Battlefield series, which is Call of Dutys closest competitor. Microsoft for its part, argued that PlayStation has significant more exclusive titles that are “better quality” than those on Xbox.

These statements make for great headlines, but does the rhetoric hold up? Will PlayStation owners move over to Xbox in droves for Call of Duty on Game Pass, or does PlayStation continue to hold on with its exclusives?

So, were asking you: would you switch to Xbox if Call of Duty was on Game Pass?

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