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Eurogamer Newscast: Would you eat a Pokémon?

This week on the Eurogamer Newscast were talking Pokémon, following the franchises huge announcement livestream that divulged fresh details on upcoming games Scarlet and Violet.

The star of that show? Well, obviously it was Fidough – a freshly-baked dog Pokémon made of bread, whose popularity has now set the internet ablaze. But, dear viewer, we have questions. If Fidough is bread… can you eat it? Should you eat it? Why wouldnt you eat it? And how does it evolve?

Tom Phillips, Ed Nightingale, Victoria Kennedy and Liv Ngan discuss all of this and show off our own two-minute art challenge concepts for whatever Fidough evolves into, while pondering how it might taste.

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Eurogamer Newscast: Would you eat a Pokémon?

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