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What's going on with Overwatch 2?

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Its Overwatch 2 week but not quite the week Blizzard will have imagined. The servers havent worked, there are huge queues to play in the evening, and even when people can log in, there are overly complicated character unlock systems and bolshy Battle Passes to contend with. Its not entirely clear whats new in this second game when you can play it, either.

Overwatch 2 is overwhelmingly Overwatch. Its the same conclusion Edwin Evans-Thirlwell came to in a quick impressions piece published this week while he works on his full review. And its hard not to agree with him. Faced with the same maps and the same characters, Overwatch 2 feels like the same game so many of us will have played so many times before. The differences are there, though, and given time, they make themselves felt.

Overwatch 2 is the talking point of the week, then, and Ive invited Edwin onto Weekly to talk about it. My other guest this week is news reporter Victoria Kennedy, who joins us to talk about Gotham Knights, Moonbreaker and CD Projekt Red as well.

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