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Warzone 2.0 is locking out players that don't own Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2.0 players have discovered a bug thats reportedly locking them out of the free-to-play game unless they own Modern Warfare 2.

Whilst the issue was posted on the games subreddit community earlier this week and seems to have been resolved for some, others are still adding to – and upvoting – the post, suggesting that its yet to be resolved. At the time of writing, theres been no formal word from Infinity Ward or Raven Software, either.

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“Since yesterday, I played probably around six Warzone 2.0 matches with no problem,” commented u/Unf0cused (thanks, NME).

“Now when I try to play it, when I click Battle Royale Solos I get the Purchase Modern Warfare II to have access to everything window (Ive also tried the other BR variants with the same result). Ive restarted the game and my PC, but that didnt help. Anyone else getting this now and/or knows of a fix?”

Its thought the games shared launcher may be the culprit, but without formal confirmation from the developers, this is only speculation at this point. Its also a touch confusing that the issues seem to be predominately affecting players who already have several matches under their belt.

Interestingly, its not just affecting players who dont yet own Modern Warfare 2; according to some posters, “owners are having the same issue”, too.

Weve reached out to Infinity Ward and Raven Software for more and will update you just as soon as we hear back.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0s launch has been a resounding success based on player statistics alone. But it hasnt been all rosy, as Ishraq summarised for us earlier this week.

Players have been experiencing a range of issues, from crashing clients to not being able to download the game at all, and Activision Blizzards Battle.Net client disabled downloads yesterday evening across America and Europe. Earlier today, Warzone players took to Reddit to complain that the battle royale currently prohibits players from rejoining matches when they get disconnected, which is particularly frustrating for DMZ players.

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