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Warframe's Veilbreaker update brings 50th Warframe Styanax, new story quest and more next month

Digital Extremes has shared more on Warframes incoming Veilbreaker update, confirming itll be launching for all platforms some time in September, and that players will be able to get Styanax, the free-to-play sci-fi shooters 50th Warframe, free for a “limited time” upon its arrival.

Styanax – who gets a proper introduction in the animated trailer below – is described as a “mighty and herculean” Warframe whose designed is inspired by the ancient Greek warrior Astyanax. His abilities include the Axios Javelin – which can push back enemies on impact, causing damage if they hit a wall – and the Tharros Strike shield, capable of repelling enemies and reducing their shields and armour as its swung around, regenerating Styanaxs health with each successfully landed blow.

Styanax can also call on Rally Point to draw enemies to his position and regenerate the energy and shields of nearby allies (regeneration increases as the number of enemies near him grows), or deploy Final Stand – causing him to rise into the air and unleash a barrage of javelins thatll damage nearby enemies upon hitting the ground. Additional damage occurs on a direct hit.

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Ascension Day – Official 50th Warframe Celebration Styanax Anime.

Away from Styanax, Veilbreaker sees the return of fan-favourite New War character Kahl-175 in a new single-player quest. Here, players will guide Kahl on a mission to investigate a Murex ship near Deimos and find the source of a mysterious signal, using powerful new abilities and tech to battle a Sentient army, as well as returning Archon boss enemies. Additionally, Kahl will playable in a series of new weekly co-op missions, enabling players to increase Kahls rank upon completion and earn new customisations along the way.

Elsewhere, reworks for a number of systems – including Thrown Weapons – are promised upon Veilbreakers arrival, as are new cosmetics and changes to Warframes Prime Vault programme based on player feedback. More details on the latter will be shared closer to launch.

Theres no release date for Veilbreaker just yet, but itll be hitting PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch siumultaneously when it arrives next month. Warframes ambitious Duviri Paradox expansion will then follow some time in “winter 2022”.

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