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Valve's testing an all-new Steam Mobile app

Valve has commenced rolling out a new version of its Steam Mobile app.

Not everyone will be able to give it a try just yet, though, as right now its only available as part of “a limited beta”. Valve said its holding off from a public release in order to ensure the app works on “so many different phones and devices”.

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“We’ve rebuilt the app on a new framework and modernized the design,” Valve said in a brief blog post on the website, before cheekily adding: “(2015 called and wanted their app back).

“You’ll still be able to browse the store, get Steam Guard codes, and confirm trades, but now the app comes with QR code sign-in, smarter notifications, an improved Library, and multi-account support.”

The company adds that the “sooner [it] gets your feedback on a product, the better” so in order to “test our assumptions, learn what you like and don’t like, and find things that need to be fixed”, its looking for the feedback from a select few before rolling it out to all.

For more or to join the beta test yourself, head on over to the groups community.

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Steam Deck in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, Valve has released a new booklet all about the company, Steam, and its handheld Steam Deck PC.

It covers some background information on the company, as well as an overview of Steam including “how it came to be and where it is now”, and the “story of Steam Deck”.

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