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Umurangi Generation dev gives surprise peek at new lo-fi horror FiveSeven

With things starting to get a little spooky as Halloween approaches, Origame Digital – the developer behind acclaimed photography adventure Umurangi Generation – has teased a brand-new horror game its calling FiveSeven.

FiveSeven made a sudden and unexpected appearance (as spotted in this Reddit thread) during a video on obscure horror games by Umuragi Generation composer ThorHighHeels, with the teaser dropped right into the middle of a section on Vampire Rain: Altered Species.

Beginning with a title reading The Last Train out of Narita, the 40 seconds or so of footage – which sports a similar lo-fi aesthetic to Umurangi Generation – focuses on a besuited protagonist, seemingly named Reegan. First we see them exploring a train, initially scurrying beneath its seats, before grabbing a revolver and facing off against a sinister shadow monster.

FiveSeven makes its surprise appearance at around the 15:53 mark.

Before returning to Vampire Rain as if nothing had happen, some onscreen text confirmed FiveSeven – which has been briefly sighted in the wild once before – to be a new game from the creators of Umurangi Generation. And as for a release date, it “comes when done”.

Over on Twitter, Umurangi Generation developer Naphtali Faulkner, also known as Veselekov, acknowledged the discovery of the FiveSeven footage with a simple “hehe”. Later, in response to a query from a follower, Faulkner revealed the game was taking inspiration from his “beloveds”: Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and Resident Evil.

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Umurangi Generation – Launch Trailer.

In a follow-up tweet, he added that the reveal was “not an official announcement” and that he “just wanted to show…some of the cool train level”. That would suggest theres no guarantee of FiveSevens eventual arrival, but – given the strength of Origames debut title – therell no doubt be plenty of people hopeful to see more.

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