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Ubisoft updates Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 roadmap, delays features to Season 4

Ubisoft has updated Rainbow Six Sieges Year 7 content roadmap, and its not good news.

Some of the main feature updates and quality of life improvements due to be released in Season 3 have been pushed back to Season 4.

This includes a new iteration of the Ranked mode, dubbed Ranked 2.0; restrictions on voice chat for players who are verbally abusive on mic; and the Reputation Score display beta.

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In the news blog posted on Steam, Ubisoft explained that “the reality of working on a live game means features have to be delayed in order to ensure they meet the quality standards you expect”.

On a more positive note, the ability to submit cheat reports from match replays and restrictions on text chat remain on track and will be released in Season 3.

Season 3 will also see the addition of a new map to the competitive map pool, although Ubisoft remains tight-lipped on which one.

There also some major balance changes, including the inclusion of EMP grenades to some operators, and balancing Finkas role in the meta.

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