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Free-to-play mobile shooter The Division Resurgence gets first gameplay video

The Division 2: Resurgence screenshot.

Following its reveal last week, Ubisoft has now shown off three minutes of gameplay footage from its upcoming free-to-play mobile shooter The Division Resurgence in a new trailer.

Resurgence (not to be confused with Heartland, Ubisofts upcoming free-to-play Division game for PC and consoles), will, like other entries in the series, be an open-world third-person shooter RPG set in post-crisis America – in this case, Manhattan – following a deadly virus outbreak.

It does promises a fresh story campaign, in which players once again take on the role of an agent allied to the Strategic Homeland, delivering a “new perspective on key story events”.

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The Division Resurgence – Official Gameplay Walkthrough.

Ubisofts initial announcement trailer for Resurgence was a little light on gameplay, but the publisher has now shared three minutes of alpha footage, kicking off in the players base of operations before heading out on a mission to disrupt an arms deals on the city streets.

Inevitably, it doesnt take long before enemies show their faces, and the exploratory action switches to some classic cover shooter gameplay. Here, Ubisoft notes Resurgence will feature new classes, and were given a glimpse of the Vanguard specialisation, which can pinpoint enemies, alongside the explosive expert Demolitionist.

Theres also a look at Resurgences interface, adapted specifically for mobile play, looting, crafting, weapons, gear, and more.

Ubisoft hasnt revealed a release date for The Division Resurgence just yet, but its possible to register for a chance to participate in its upcoming closed alpha now.

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