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Twitch loses VP after revenue split controversy

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Twitchs senior vice president of global creators, Constance Knight, is leaving the company.

In a statement shared with staff on Wednesday, Knight said she was off on a “new adventure that provides exciting growth opportunities for [her] both professionally and personally” in the “creator space”.

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Knights departure from Twitch means the firm has lost its chief content officer, chief operating officer, and Knights position in the last year alone (thanks, Bloomberg).

Knight stopped short of revealing where this new position would be or if the move came as a result of Twitchs controversial revenue share changes, and Twitch, as yet, has not confirmed who will be replacing her. Neither the vacant chief content officer or operating officer roles have been replaced.

Twitch recently declined to change the revenue split for streamers, despite over 22k votes asking the streaming platform to consider it.

The revenue split between Twitch and streamers has long been an issue, with many claiming the current 50/50 split is stifling the growth of smaller channels, and a recent decision to lower the revenue split for partnered content creators from 70/30 to 50/50 after the first $100,000 has been met with dismay by top Twitch streamers.

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