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Tom Hanks has a trivia game called Hanx101 and it's an Apple Arcade exclusive

Hollywood legend Tom Hanks has a video game coming out.


Hanx101 is a trivia game due out exclusively on Apple Arcade this Friday, 2nd September.

“Can you complete the Hanx 101 challenge?” asks the official blurb.

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Expect to test your knowledge in everything from maths to geography. The “Hanx101 mode” poses 101 trivia questions.

“Tom Hanks is challenging you to Hanx101 Trivia!” the blurb continues.

Tom Hanks will launch his own trivia game, Hanx101 Trivia, this Friday on Apple Arcade.

App link: https://t.co/RdLsp0esRa pic.twitter.com/I3gPPL4sRh

— The Game Awards (@thegameawards) August 30, 2022

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Remarkably, this isnt Tom Hanks first dabble with downloads. Donlan (who else?) wrote about Hanks typewriter app, the wonderfully-named Hanx Writer, back in 2016. That X, eh?

Back to Hanx 101, which is, disappointingly, not a Star Wars crossover. The blurb promises players will learn a new “fun fact” every time they play. Heres a fun Tom Hanks fact for you: Toms brother, Jim Hanks, does all his video game voice acting for him. And as you can see from the Kingdom Hearts 3 cutscene below, Jim does a pretty good Woody!

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