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This Saints Row mural celebrates the UK's most entrepreneurial city

Leeds' Saint Row mural celebrates its "Boss Factory" status.
Plaion / THQ / Deep Silver

In an effort to promote the Saints Row reboot – which releases next week – game developer Plaion commissioned research to find out where Brits aged 18-30 were most entrepreneurial: and Leeds topped the list.

Consequently, a Saints Row-inspired mural celebrating Leeds position as a, uh, “Boss Factory” is now available to see on Sackville Street, located inbetween the Meanwood and Little London areas of the Yorkshire city. Designed by street artist Captain Kris, itll be there for the next month or so.

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7 Things We Liked About Saints Row 2022 (and 4 Things We Didn’t).

“The research was inspired by the themes of the game where you and your three friends take on lawless factions in a fight for power and embark on a journey to make your own way in the world as your own boss,” explained Plaions marketing director, Simon Turner.

“We think Captain Kris has done a fantastic job of capturing the spirit, attitude and tone of Saints Row with his design.”

Leeds Saint Row mural celebrates its "Boss Factory" status.
Plaion / THQ / Deep Silver.

For those wondering, the other “most ambitious” cities for under 30s were, in order: Bristol, Edinburgh, Leicester, Oxford, Brighton, Chelmsford, Newcastle, Manchester, and York (bad luck if youre Welsh or Northern Irish, I guess).

The Saints Row reboot excels in giving the player a nice big havoc simulator to mess around in,” Ian said when he previewed the game for us last month. “The early campaign missions are fairly varied, with things like shootouts in museums and Mad Max-inspired vehicular combat sections, but I basically snoozed my way through them.

“It wasnt until I went off on my own and caused carnage in the open world that I really started to have fun – and once I was on a roll, the games unpredictablity often had me laughing out loud.”

Saints Row is out on 23rd August, 2022, on PS5/4, Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S, and on PC via Epic Games Store.

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