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This new Attacker puts the Swarm in Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming Operation Brutal Swarm

Attacker Grim

Ubisoft has pulled back the curtain to give a sneaky peek at whats to come in Rainbow Six Sieges next update, Operation Brutal Swarm.

Though details are light – more will be revealed in an upcoming livestream set for 21st August – we do learn more about new a 1 Health and 3 Speed Attacker Grim, a Singaporean with one goal: “to get the job done”.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Brutal Swarm CGI Trailer.

“Grims experience in the EOD taught him how easily things can blow up when a targets position and proximity is unknown,” Ubisoft teases in a blog update. “Thats where the Kawan Hive Launcher comes in, with no reload and a low fire rate the launcher allows for versatile gameplay, using Intel-Gathering and Area Denial to counter roamers, make entry, and protect objectives.

“The Kawan Hive Launchers ability to secure a position for a limited amount of time enhances cooperative play by sharing red marks with the team. Defenders encountering this unique ability will have to decide to either fight with their position exposed or flee and restrategize. Attackers will want to pay particular attention to Specialist Mutes position and device placement – The Launchers 5 Rounds wont count if theyre countered.”

What the blog post doesnt talk about, though, is Grims creepy insectoid drones which he can seemingly use to incapacitate his foes and then sweep in and attack. You can see them in action in the teaser trailer above.

More about Operation Brutal Swarm should be revealed later this week. As always, well keep you posted.

Last month, Ubisoft issued an updated Rainbow Six Sieges Year 7 content roadmap, revealing that some of the main feature updates and quality of life improvements due to be released in Season 3 had been pushed back to Season 4.

This includes a new iteration of the Ranked mode, dubbed Ranked 2.0, restrictions on voice chat for players who are verbally abusive on mic, and the Reputation Score display beta.

In a blog, Ubisoft explained that “the reality of working on a live game means features have to be delayed in order to ensure they meet the quality standards you expect”.

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