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These stunning Elden Ring art books are releasing in November – but only in Japan

An official Elden Ring art book is on the way and its so detailed, youll have to buy it as two separate 400-page volumes.

While currently only available to pre-order in Japan – sorry; well let you know if and when it becomes available in Europe and beyond – the collection is currently up for sale on Amazon.co.jp, with each book priced at ¥4400 – thats approximately £27 or £55 for the pair.

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According to Famitsu (thanks, PC Gamer), a collectors edition which includes both books and a framed Godfrey print is also available for ¥17,600, which is £108. It all comes in a “special three-sided box”.

Heres a copy of the Godfrey print, as well as some sample pages that helpfully have “SAMPLE” stamped on them to prevent you using them as cool desktop wallpapers, courtesy of Famitsu:

According to Famitsu (and with help from Google Translate), the first volume covers the “opening movie of the main part of the game, concept art of fields and dungeons, art related to characters and armour”. Volume 2, on the other hand, “there are many item illustrations implemented in the game at the end of the book” and “art of various weapons and enemies that are threats that stand in the way of the player”.

Both A4 books and the special edition are scheduled to go on sale on 30th November.

Not content with completing Elden Ring with one hand, Twitch streamer MissMikkaa is now playing through the game on a dance pad.

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