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The new Fear Effect is a third-person cover shooter

Fear Effect Reinvented just re-emerged with its first gameplay trailer – and the promise of a release date sooner than we think.

The video below shows off how different this new Fear Effect looks and plays compared to the originals.

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Square Enix announced Fear Effect Reinvented back in 2017 with a release window of 2018. Obviously that sailed by.

Fear Effect came out on PSX back in 2000 and became a cult classic for its cel-shaded graphics and gritty story. It had a Resident Evil-style fixed camera perspective, too.

As a refresher, heres how the original Fear Effect looks:

Fear Effect Reinvented, however, is a third-person cover shooter.

Heres the official blurb:

“A group of mercenaries on a deadly mission – that can only mean one thing…

“Fear Effect Reinvented is an action-adventure, true-to-the-original remake of the first game from the classic Fear Effect franchise – refreshed with improved graphics and controls.

“Wi-Ming Lam, the daughter of a Hong Kong Triad boss, has been kidnapped. Take the roles of the mercenary trio: Hana, Glas, and Deke, and try to find the missing girl.”

Expect an original story set within three separate campaigns, and “survival horror elements” fused with the new cover-based battle system.

What do you think?

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