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The Last of Us leaks have become a flood, accessibility options and controller layout revealed

Yesterday we got a few bitesize leaks for Naughty Dogs recently announced The Last of Us Part 1 remake, which is coming to the PlayStation 5 and eventually PC. Now, however, the floodgates have well and truly opened.

Today, the internet is awash with all sorts of new information about the game, including details about its accessibility options and control layout.

If you are keen to avoid any spoilers, there will be some included in the text below – so take this as your cue to read something else on Eurogamer if you so wish.

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Joel in The Last of Us Part 1 remake compared to the remastered edition.

The latest The Last of Us leaks have come from XboxEra co-founder Nick Baker, who has acquired numerous shots and snippets from The Last of Us Part 1 and has been sharing them with the world throughout the night.

We now have a good look at the games controller layout, which includes all the expected options for things such as melee, aim, sprint, climb and so on. Baker went on to state that gyro aim will be supported.

As well as this, Baker also shared a comprehensive list of the accessibility features (that come with a look at the games menu) that will be available.

There are many of the options you would expect, especially after The Last of Us Part 2s incredible catalogue of features. According to Bakers source, you will be able to adjust the games field of view and camera shake to cater to those who suffer from motion sickness. There is also a colour blind mode, screen magnifier and customisable controls.

As with Part 2, there is also the option to skip puzzles and combat audio cues.

Baker also detailed the rendering modes that will be available. Fidelity mode “favours resolution over framerate”, rendering at 4K and targeting 40 fps. Meanwhile, Performance mode is set to target 60 fps and has a dynamic resolution.

There was also some new footage and screenshots shared.

One clip gave us a look at The Last of Us Part 1s workbenches, with Joel being shown upgrading his weapons. Compared to the previous workbench segments, this has more detail (which is to be expected really).

The other clips showed Joel and Ellie in combat, with both ranged and melee attacks being deployed and the use of chucking bottles across the room to create a distraction.

Baker stated that the footage “is non-HDR captured apparently. Little bit better but a touched washed out still, so I think its a capture issue”.

Naughty Dog has been unfortunate enough to have had several high-profile leaks for its games. The reveal for The Last of Us Part 1 itself was leaked only hours before it was officially unveiled.

Meanwhile, pivotal plot elements for The Last of Us Part 2 infamously found their way online ahead of its release, which caused quite the reaction from the games community.

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