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The Callisto Protocol's latest trailer reveals "terrifying secrets beneath Black Iron Prison"

The Callisto Protocol - Jacob in a kind of astronaut suit looking towards the camera

Get set for spooky season with this all-new teaser from The Callisto Protocol.

The new video from developer Striking Distance Studios is entitled “The Truth of Black Iron” and invites us to discover “what terrifying secrets lie beneath Black Iron Prison in The Callisto Protocol”.

You can check it out below:

The Callisto Protocol – The Truth of Black Iron Trailer

Following last weeks report that a phone number hidden in a recent The Callisto Protocol teaser led to the discovery that an announcement was imminent, we knew something was coming, if not quite what it was going to be.

The two-minute video gives us another peek at The Callisto Protocols stunning environments, its mysterious story, and, of course, those terrifying creatures. Oh, and we got our first look at Karen Fukuhara alongside lead Josh Duhamel, too.

8 NEW Details About The Callisto Protocol – NEW GAMEPLAY GAMESCOM 2022.

The Callisto Protocol is coming to PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on 2nd December, 2022.

“These might be new tricks – or maybe, new twists on old ones – but theres still that slightly old-school sense to The Callisto Protocol,” we said when we played a little of The Callisto Protocol at Gamescom.

“Part of it is the rollercoaster-like linearity, part of which, [creator Glen] Schofield says, is because I want to tell the story, and its hard to tell a story when youre going in all different directions and doing different things.”

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