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Switch Sports servers due back online tomorrow following weekend downtime

Nintendo has announced itll be bringing its Switch Sports servers back online tomorrow, 18th October, with players affected by the recent downtime getting an extra week added to their Nintendo Switch Online membership.

Switch Sports servers were taking offline and save data backups were suspended on Friday, while Nintendo investigated a significant bug introduced in last weeks 1.2.1 update that caused crashes on the games pre-match loading screen, during both online and offline play.

Servers and save data backup functionality have remained unavailable since then, but Nintendo Japan has now offered an update on its website (thanks VGC), confirming the crashing was caused by a save writing error under certain conditions and revealing itll be restoring all functionality across two waves later this week.

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Nintendo Switch Sports delayed golf update is now due before the end of the year.

As of tomorrow, 18th October, server maintenance will end and Nintendo will begin distributing Switch Sports 1.2.2 update. It says online play will once again be available after this update, but notes that players wishing to make use of its save data storage service will need to wait for a second update, 1.2.3, which will release this Thursday, 20th October.

Nintendo is yet to share a regional timetable for bringing Switch Sports services back online, but Ill update the story if they diverge wildly from the above.

By way of compensation for the downtime, Nintendo says itll be extended the Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions of all Switch Sports players by a week. Additionally, from 18th October to 3rd November, itll be doubling the games “Play with people around the world” points multiplier for all events. It also says it plans to provide a way to obtain items that could not be obtained this weekend at some point in the “future”.

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