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Super Punch-Out!!'s secret two-player mode uncovered after 28 years

Purveyors of video game secrets have something new to get excited about following the recent fuss around Nier: Automatas ultimately rather underwhelming church mystery; a hidden two-player mode has been uncovered in Super Punch-Out!!, 28 years after its release on the SNES.

As explained by Unlisted Cheats – a Twitter account specialising in video game “secrets nobody heard about until now” – the discovery was made “while doing some request work” on Super Punch-Out and has revealed two additional cheat codes on top of the sound test and Japanese name input cheats previously known.

The first cheat unlocks a stage select screen enabling players to take on any fighter, including Special Circuit fighters, in a free single match. This can be accessed from Super Punch-Outs title screen by holding down Y and R on Controller 2 and then hitting A or Start on Controller 1.

Get the first step right and youll be taken to this character select screen.

Things get even niftier, however, when you select one of the fighters on this newly revealed screen then, from their details page, hold down Controller 2s B and Y buttons and hit A or Start on Controller 1. This makes it possible for a human player to take control of the ordinarily CPU-driven opponent character using the second controller for a spot of two-player fun.

This, in case youre wondering, works with the Nintendo Switch Online version of Super Punch-Out (I just tested it myself in the name of science, and also in the name of having an excuse to play some Super Punch-Out), and others are reporting equal success with the SNES Mini.

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So there you go! Join us in another 28 years when someone discovers a picture of Miyamotos favourite bassoon in Stunt Race FX after whirling a controller around their head in an anti-clockwise motion and tickling the Select button suggestively.

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