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Street Fighter 6's Dynamic Control Scheme makes button mashing effective

Street Fighter 6 will have a new Dynamic Control Scheme that makes button mashing effective.

The option is all part of Capcoms efforts to make its forthcoming fighting game the most accessible yet.

A few simple button taps is enough to have your character performing all sorts of moves, determined dynamically by the A.I. based on character position and situation.

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Street Fighter 6 – World Tour, Fighting Ground, Battle Hub Game Mode Trailer

The option is in addition to Modern Controls and Classic Controls, the former of which simplifies the number of buttons required to play the game.

Yet while both of these control schemes are suitable for competitive play, the Dynamic Control Scheme is explicitly meant to be close to an easy mode, so is only available in local play.

“In a normal fighting game, when they [mash buttons], they just do a lot of whiffs,” director Takayuki Nakayama told Game Informer.

“We wanted something important and something that makes a difference happen by randomly pressing buttons.”

No doubt some players will take umbrage at this new control scheme, but its clear it allows anyone to simply pick up the game and play, no matter what their skill level or dexterity.

It goes along with other accessibility options such as a “distance to opponent” sound effect, as well as sound indicators for different attacks.

Street Fighter 6 is set for release next year across PlayStation and Xbox consoles, and PC.

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