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Stray gets off to a pawsome start on Steam

Stray, the adorable game that sees you take on the role of a lovable cat in a cyberpunk world, has been doing very, very, well since its launch. In fact, it has become the biggest PC launch ever for publisher Annapurna Interactive (which I feel should rename itself Anna-purr-na for the occassion).

At the time of writing, there are 34,139 players on Steam making their four-legged way around Strays environments, with an overall peak of 62,963.

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A spoiler free Stray PS5 review from Eurogamers video team.

Figures posted by Steam tracker Benji-Sales show a launch far higher than other recent Annapurna titles.

Stray has shattered the concurrent players record for any Annapurna Interactive game on Steam easily becoming its biggest PC launch ever

Top @A_i Peak Concurrent Players
• Stray – 50,555+
• Twelve Minutes – 8,021
• Outer Wilds – 7,936
• Neon White – 3,277
• Journey – 1,757 pic.twitter.com/7RhlAVyWmM

— Benji-Sales (@BenjiSales) July 19, 2022

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Meanwhile, over on Twitch, the game currently has 79,200 viewers and 10,000 followers. Turns out, we just cant get enough of that adorable feline content.

Eurogamer gave Stray a Recommended badge earlier this week, with Lottie praising the games “fantastic cat exploration”.

“Stray creates a journey filled with such a sense of exploration, on top of the chance to indulge in as much cat-truction as you like. While doing so, though, it also crafts a touching story about the human desires of those who, at a glance, lack humanity – be it to reunite with a loved one, protect a community or reach the outside world.

“The result is a wonderful mix: a game about the longing for freedom, clever climbing mechanics, and every cats eternal desire to knock items off shelves.”

For those of you among the many that have taken to Stray in the purr-suit of joy, be sure to check out Eurogamers extensive guides for the game.

Here is a link explaining how long Stray takes to complete and here is one letting you know how to earn every achievement and hidden trophy to get you started.

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