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Steam hosts Ukrainian Games Festival to mark country's independence day

The Ukrainian Games Festival is currently being hosted on Steam.

This festival is being presented by Indie Cup, with the support of the Ukrainian Indie Developers community.

Here, you will find broadcasts for a variety of games made by Ukrainian developers, as well as deals on titles such as The Testament of Sherlock Holmes by Frogwares and Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl by GSC Games World.

Farlanders is one of the games being highlighted during the Ukrainian Games Festival.

You will also be able to see some upcoming games from Ukraine, with Farlanders from developer Andriy Bychkovskyi being highlighted.

In Farlanders, players will take on the role of a colony architect on Mars. You can see a trailer for it above.

The festival on Steam is a celebration of Ukrainian developers and their countrys independence, while the country continues to suffer from Russias ongoing invasion.

Numerous game developers and publishers have responded to the war in Ukraine with donations and messages of solidarity, while raising vital funds for humanitarian efforts.

Fortnite raised $144m for the country earlier this year, while game engine maker Unity donated $623k to humanitarian charities in the wake of Russias devastating invasion of Ukraine back in March, to name but two.

The impact of this invasion has seen several games delayed, with GSC Game Worlds Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl now set to release in 2023.

In June, the developer shared an update on its staff and the development of its upcoming project, amidst the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This video, which you can see below, is a tough and often extraordinary watch – but one which details how life has changed for the games team over the course of this year.

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An update from GSC Game World.

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