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Steam Deck repair centres are now open

Steam Deck

Steam Deck repair centres are now open.

Valve says that should you “encounter an issue” with its new handheld system, you can send your Steam Deck for repair or replacement via one of its repair centres, where the team will “diagnose the device, repair if needed, then ship the fixed unit back to you”.

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Whilst in-warranty repairs will be carried out free of charge, Valve does remind players that “if your dog gnaws on your thumbstick and breaks it, this is not covered by warranty”, although repair centres will repair accidental damage “for a fee”. Otherwise, Steam Deck owners are invited to “fix things yourself” with repair kits, replacement parts, and guides all available at iFixit.

“Repairs for issues covered by warranty are free of charge, Valve explains. “If a Steam Deck comes in that is not covered by warranty, our team will reach out and offer to repair the device for a fee (if a repair is possible). This out-of-warranty repair service is completely optional, and you can ask for your device back if you prefer.”

“Were glad to get this service up and running – most folks wont ever need to use it, but for those of you that do, we want to make sure youre taken care of,” Valve says.

Things are looking good for Steam Deck Production is going well – outperforming Valves estimates – and people are finally getting their hands on a unit. Valve also recently announced that 5000 titles have been marked as Verified and Playable as compatibility testing of Steams extensive library continues.

And did you see that a group of Steam Deck fans have figured out how to support gyro controls in Wii U emulation, effectively turning Valves portable PC into Nintendos infamous Wii U GamePad?

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