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Spider-Man Remastered mods let you play as Miles Morales, Stan Lee and more

Marvels Spider-Man Remastered released three days ago on PC, and modders have been hard at work over the weekend.

There are already several mods which reshade the game, like this one from BadRusMan that emulates a more cinematic style, or overhaul the visuals, like this noir mod by ManWithAPlan.

Theres also a mod which disables the HUD and enemy outlines, by Mixerced, if you want to remove the interface whilst you play.

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Watch the PC features trailer for Marvels Spider-Man Remastered.

But why not take your Spider-Man on PC experience one step further and replace the titular hero himself? Here are some mods that have got our Spidey senses tingling.

Bring the Spider-Verse to Peter Parker by playing as Miles Morales instead. tiffsomniac has added Miles in his casual, everyday streetwear whilst jedijosh920 has changed the usual blue and red suit to Miles classic black and red suit instead.

Miles Morales mod for Spider-Man PC.
Playable Miles Morales by tiffsomniac.

Theres also a couple of mods that let you play as Peter Parker throughout the whole game (courtesy of tiffsomniac again). You can have him don his lab coat as he swings around New York City, or just remain as regular Peter Parker. He is just some guy after all, I guess.

Peter Parker mod in Spider-Man PC.
Just some guy.

Modder Robin (via Lucifer6667676) lets you choose between Mary Jane, Kingpin or Vulture. All of them have animations but the mods are in beta, so expect some minor hiccups if you use them.

Kingpin mod in Spider-Man PC
Kingpin posing during his evil exploits.

Robin is also working on a Stan Lee mod, again still in beta and with no animations so he can only slide around in a T-pose for now. Forget a small cameo, this is now Stan Lees Stan Lee Remastered.

Stan Lee mod for Spider-Man PC
Stan Lee amongst the New York City chaos.

Theres a fabulous mod by skull198 which gives you a glow-in-the-dark suit, which really appeals to the part of me that likes shiny things.

Glow-in-the-dark suit mod for Spider-Man PC
Give Peter a glow-up, literally.

Last of all, add some realism to the in-game New York City with this mod that replaces the pigeons with rats. Thanks, skull198.

Pigeons replaced with rats in Spider-Man PC
Ay, Im swingin here!

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