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Sony claims PSVR2 will be easier for developers to port games to

The PlayStation VR2 will be easier for developers to port the games onto, Sony has said.

The comments were made by Yasuo Takahashi and Kenjo Akiyama, two senior directors at Sony Interative Entertainment, at an event during Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) 2022.

The talk revealed new details about the software that will help developers in creating for or porting onto PSVR2 (reported by IGN).

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Game development for PSVR2 will use the same software development kit (SDK) as the PS5, making it easier for developers to create VR versions of existing PS5 games. It can also support games created in Unity or Unreal Engine to help developers when porting to or from other VR platforms.

The SDK environment also includes a number of programs to help developers when testing games. The report mentions a program that can be used to test out headset vibration for things like footsteps and gunshots. Theres apparently even quizzes included in a tool called Comfort Sample so developers can test their knowledge on whats causing particular bugs.

A release date for PSVR2 hasnt been announced yet, but we know it will arrive sometime in early 2023. Despite this, the headset will be making an appearance at Tokyo Game Show 2022 in a couple of weeks time, where itll be playable for the first time ever with a demo of Resident Evil Village.

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