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Sega hiring Sonic lore manager to ensure universe "more meaningfully connected"

sonic origins key art

Sega is hiring for an associate manager of Sonic lore to make the hedgehogs universe “more meaningfully connected”.

A week ago, a job listing was posted by Sega for a role designed to “support the growing needs of our lore team” across multiple forms of media.

The lucky employee will be “immersed in the organising and shaping of Sonic lore, canon, characters, and universes, helping to bring consistency, connectivity, and creativity to all things Sonic across various forms of media including games, animation, comics, and more.”

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Sonic Frontiers – The DF Tech Review – Every Version Tested – PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Switch!

Sonic community manager Katie Chrzanowski has also given further details on the role.

“In the past few years, weve been looking at the entire universe of Sonic and how things tie together canonically for the future,” she said.

“Sega put together a small team of us internally… were working on making the universe and stories more meaningfully connected.”

SEGA put together a small team of us internally, and along with the help of talented folks like @tyson_hesse, @IanFlynnBKC, and @SpiritSonic, were working on making the universe and stories more meaningfully connected.

— Katie – MiniKitty (@KatieChrz) November 12, 2022

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There are already examples of this work in action, such as the animations in Sonic Origins and the prologue animation for Sonic Frontiers.

Chrzanowski also said this is more of a managerial role, something the job description backs up. And if youre hoping to apply, note that while its remote youll need to commute to Burbank California from next year.

Perhaps, with this role in place, well finally find out more about Sonic and Amys relationship – cut dialogue from Sonic Frontiers implies that Sonic may be in love with Amy after all.

The new game has certainly got off to a good start on Steam and there are already some amusing mods to download on PC.

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