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See Lady D in action in Resident Evil Village Gold Edition pre-order trailer

Lady Dimitrescu in Mercenaries mode

Pre-orders are now live for the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition, with a new trailer showing fresh footage of Lady Dimitrescu in action.

The Winters Expansion DLC builds on the Mercenaries mode and gives players the chance to play as both the iconic Lady D and villainous Karl Heisenberg, as well as Chris Redfield.

That means swinging a giant hammer, manipulating metal, and throwing chairs – check it out in the trailer below.

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Resident Evil Village Gold Edition – Mercenaries Trailer

“Lady Dimitrescu looms large over enemies in this action-packed mode, where she brings her nine-foot stature to bear against any Lycans or other foes unfortunate enough to cross her path,” reads a press release from Capcom.

“In combat, Dimitrescu builds a Thrill meter by slicing adversaries to ribbons with her razor-sharp talons. This allows her to perform special actions like slamming down hostiles or summoning her daughters.”

Heisenberg, meanwhile, can pull in enemies with his magnetic field, while Redfield can use his “boulder-boxing fists”.

Heisenberg in Mercenaries mode
Heisenberg has a very big hammer

The Mercenaries Additional Orders mode also introduces two new stages, the Bloody Village and Bloody River, plus additional improvements.

The trailer additionally gives a glimpse at the DLCs third-person mode and Shadows of Rose story expansion.

Resident Evil Gold Edition pre-orders are now live!
Heres a preview of what to expect from the three new playable characters in The Mercenaries Additional Orders, included in both Gold Edition and the Winters Expansion DLC.
🌿 https://t.co/i4YXminxdw pic.twitter.com/yPTCLTsLM5

— Resident Evil (@RE_Games) July 22, 2022

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Both The Winters Expansion DLC and The Gold Edition (bundling the base game and DLC) are set for release on 28th October across Xbox and PlayStation consoles and PC (via Steam).

And its Lady D approved! Voice actress Maggie Robertson shared details of the pre-order on Twitter: “Preorder Resident Evil Village Gold Edition… or youll be SLICED TO RIBBONS!!!” she quipped.

So excited about this trailer drop! 🎉

Preorder Resident Evil Village Gold Edition… or youll be SLICED TO RIBBONS!!!

More juicy tidbits still to come at the World of Capcom panel at @Comic_Con tomorrow ✌️

Let me know what you are most excited about! https://t.co/i4vlSlx63n

— Maggie Robertson (@maggiethebard) July 22, 2022

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For more on Robertsons portrayal of Lady Dimitrescu, check out our interview.

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