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Rockstar's Bully gets Unreal Engine 5 fan remake

Many have hoped Rockstar will one day release a Bully remake or sequel, but currently these hopes seem unlikely to bear fruit.

Now, however, a fan has taken matters into their own hands, and remade a trailer for the game in Unreal Engine 5, bringing it into the modern age.

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YouTube channel TeaserPlays, a “Graphics Designer studio”, has released its vision of Bully today (thanks, Dexerto).

Its a little patchy in areas, with facial animations and lip syncing not being quite as slick as youd expect in an actual trailer but, to be honest, that doesnt really matter. I love seeing this game with its new makeover, as you can do so for yourself below.

Welcome to Bullworth!

As well as this trailer, TeaserPlays has also released a side-by-side comparison of its remake and the original game. This really highlights the differences between the two, with the modern UE5 doing its thing. (Bully was originally created on RenderWare, while the Scholarship edition of the game used Gamebryo).

The new look Bullworth is bright, puddles on the ground reflect the natural light and the added detail on Jimmy Hopkins and Dr. Thaddeus Crabblesnitch (great name) is remarkable.

Then and now (via TeaserPlays).

This is not the only game to be given a fanmade do-over on Unreal Engine 5. Even games yet to be released have been given this treatment, such as Starfield.

Meanwhile, a new report has stated Rockstars long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6 is still at least two years away but being made under improved conditions.

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