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Roblox has removed its "oof" sound of death

The famous “oof” sound from Roblox, which was comically played whenever you met your maker, is no more.

The developer revealed its removal yesterday, stating that this is all is due to a “licensing issue”.

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Instead, the company has now added a “replacement default sound”.

To give some context of how widespread the attention for Robloxs “oof” is, American rapper Post Malone used this sound in one of his remixes. This was reportedly because “his little one loves Roblox”. I wonder how they will take the news?

This is actually huge lol. Even @PostMalone did some remix or something where he used this sound because his little one loves Roblox https://t.co/37Et7dnTi5

— Nick  (@Shpeshal_Nick) July 27, 2022

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The famous “oof” originally came from video game music composer Tommy Tallarico, who told GamesBeat in 2019 that he owns the rights to the sound.

Tallarico created it and then popped the sound into a game called Messiah, which came out in 2000. He is currently the president of Intellivision Entertainment, mostly known for to its plans to produce the Intellivision Amico, which has seen several delays.

We’re building towards a future where all creators can thrive. Any asset, including sounds, will have a presence in our Avatar Shop.

— Roblox (@Roblox) July 26, 2022

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Elsewhere in the news, earlier this week leaked Roblox documents detailed Chinese censorship concessions, which claimed the company expected its game be hacked and cloned by Chinese companies as part of its launch in the country.

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