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Rick and Morty head to the Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarök promo

In anticipation of God of War Ragnaröks release, a new promo starring Rick and Morty has been revealed.

American adult-oriented nighttime cable television channel Adult Swim shared the new ad on its Rick and Morty social feeds. The clip shows eccentric scientist Rick shaving his head and branding himself with Kratos iconic red facial tattoo. He then proceeds to hand his grandson Morty a toy bow and arrow, before shoving him through a portal to the Nine Realms.

Here, Rick gets his hands on Kratos Leviathan Axe and “other unannounced upgrades” as Morty tries to fend for himself (rather unsuccessfully) in the hostile world he suddenly finds himself in. It ends with Rick finding a boat, informing the overpowered Morty that he will have to row as Rick doesnt want to get his new axe wet. You can watch it for yourself below.

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Rick and Morty make a trip to the Nine Realms.

This is not the first time that Rick and Morty have taken part in a PlayStation inspired marketing beat. In 2019, the duo also starred in a Death Stranding themed ad that saw Morty as Sam Bridges.

God of War Ragnarök is set to release on Wednesday, 9th November for both PlayStation 4 and PS5.

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