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Reinventing the wheel

Game of the Week goes out to all of our supporters as part of the Eurogamer Essentials newsletter, and from today well start putting it on the site. Theres going to be a slight shake-up of the supporters program in the near future (dont worry – its all good news) so stay tuned for more details, and thanks as ever for your support – its much appreciated.

Theres not too much common ground between God of War and Sonic the Hedgehog, of course (and if youre looking for a point of differentiation, the cool 22 points between the pair on Metacritics as good a place as any to start) but as this weeks two big releases they make fascinating bedfellows.

God of War: Ragnarok is the epitome of the modern blockbuster – big, bold and maybe a little bit bloated, its nevertheless a powerhouse that shows the might of Sonys first-party studios. Is it a blockbuster thats overly iterative? Maybe, though Id also suggest it might just be a blockbuster thats smart. The original God of War reboot was a colossal success, so offering more of the same is hardly cynical; indeed, the lingering complaint Ive heard from people is that theres too much game there, and if anything it might have benefitted from being split into two separate titles (please dont let anyone at Sony get wind of this notion, as Im sure theyd be delighted to charge twice too).

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