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Redfall has Arkane's biggest map yet

Redfalls map will be the largest in any of Arkane Austins games to date, the developer has said in a new video.

Karen Segars, art director at Arkane, described the setting as quaint and small, despite the fact that Redfall will be its “biggest” game.

Talos One, the setting for Prey 2017, is dwarfed by a farm area players visit in one of Redfalls early missions, Studio director Harvey Smith recalled.

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Watch Arkane Austins lead developers talk in-depth about Redfall.

Segars said Talos One was approximately the size of five (American) football pitches, which equals 27k square metres. Redfall is massive compared to Arkanes previous games, but Arkane has promised it will have just as much environmental storytelling.

Smith described Redfall as Arkanes most ambitious project yet, but not just because of its size. Ricardo Bare, the games creative director, spoke about the different approach the team had taken to designing the town of Redfall.

“We start with something really weird and fantastic like Dunwall or [a] space station, and then we work to make it so the players can understand the space and learn about the environment,” he said of the process in Dishonored and Prey. “But this time we started with something familiar on purpose… and then we twist it.”

This also alludes to the abilities some of the games more powerful vampires have access to, warping reality with psychic power. Bare also claimed that “none of [the vampires] are romantic interests” but hey, that didnt stop us all falling head over heels for Lady Dimitrescu.

The developers also talked about how theyve changed the gameplay from Dishonored and Prey to suit both single and multiplayer sessions. Theres now a skill tree, so one character can specialise in a number of different roles. When playing in co-op, skills that are fully levelled up can also benefit other players.

Redfall is expected to release in the first half of 2023 on PC and Xbox Series X and S.

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