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PUBG's 19.1 update has arrived on PC and console – here's what's new

PUBG 19.1 Update

PUBGs 19.1 update is finally here, ushering in a shedload of new features, including the Assassins Creed limited-time event.

It includes a new MP9 weapon – the first fully-automatic SMG that uses 9mm – a new vehicle that will see you unstealthily “zipping down roads with sirens ablaze”, and the Blue Chip Detector tactical gear which uses primary weapon slots but can be used to scan for enemies within a 100m radius; youll see the nearest 12 enemies on the map.

PUBG Collaboration – Assassins have arrived | PUBG

“It’s time to explore the next chapter of PUBG: Battlegrounds, as Update 19.1 is officially live for PC and console players worldwide!” Krafton declares. “Take down enemies with the new MP9, zip down roads with sirens blaring in the Pillar Security Car, survey for enemies with the Blue Chip Detector and take an Assassin’s Creed-style leap of faith as you explore Abstergo’s shadowy influence in Haven.”

Well also get our collective hands on the brand-new 1500hp Folding Shield and “once again have the opportunity to drop onto the Haven map”.

And dont forget that the widely-publicised Assassins Creed crossover event is now live. Abstergo Industries has invaded Haven – complete with a hidden Animus machine and strategically placed Leap of Faith ledges on the building’s rooftop – and brings the chance to earn cosmetic rewards through gameplay.

ICYMI, PUBG: Battlegrounds has clocked up 80,000 new players daily since going free-to-play earlier this year. Confirming the new figures in its latest financial report, developer/publisher Krafton confirmed that net profit for the company was up 37 per cent when compared with the same quarter last year, even though both operating profit and revenue were down by 6.9 per cent and 7.8 per cent respectively.

The company also revealed that “to ensure a fairer playing field for all, the game has also adopted stricter anti-cheat programs”, whilst PUBGs mobile edition – called New State Mobile – “has continued to evolve, refocusing the way it upkeeps live service and expanding its IP collaboration efforts”.

PUBG developer Krafton recently announced that its making a new game based upon the Korean fantasy book, The Bird That Drinks Tears.

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