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PS5 finally getting support for 1440p monitors and folders

Sony is finally adding support for 1440p displays to the PlayStation 5, to the cheers of many players, particularly those on PC, with high refresh-rate QHD monitors.

This has been a long requested feature by PS5 owners, and a feature that the Xbox Series X/S has supported since launch.

The feature is currently only available for users signed up to the beta firmware channel, but it should be released to all users very soon.

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Games that natively support 1440p will be rendered at that resolution, while 4K games will be downsampled for better anti-aliasing.

Digital Foundry also notes that the firmware supports 120Hz at 1440p with either HDR or SDR, but not Variable Refresh Rate.

Just received the PlayStation 5 1440p beta firmware. Theres a nice 1440p test option. While VRR may not be supported right now, 120Hz in both SDR and HDR is. pic.twitter.com/7jO4ooxtY2

— Digital Foundry (@digitalfoundry) July 28, 2022

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Another much-requested feature is the addition of so-called “gamelists” which basically function as folders. Players can have up to 15 gamelists and up to 100 games per gamelist.

The update also brings a whole host of user experience improvements, including the ability to compare the difference between stereo and 3D audio, the ability to request to view a friends screen and get a notification when you can join a game played by your party member.

You can read the full list of improvements here.

Now, I wonder when Sony will get to adding the mysterious 8K support, a label which continues to be on the PS5 box.

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