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PlayStation VR2 launches February, costs £530

Sony has announced official launch and pricing details for the PlayStation VR2 – its new virtual reality headset designed to work specifically with the PlayStation 5.

The PSVR2 will launch on 22nd February 2023 and cost £530. In the US, thats $550. In Europe, thats €600. For that price youll get a PSVR2 headset and its controllers, plus a pair of stereo headphones.

A pricier bundle will pack-in the PSVR2 launch title Horizon Call of the Mountain. That costs £570, $600, or €650.

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Eurogamer goes hands on with PlayStation VR2.

Separately, you can pay £40, $50 or €50 extra for the PSVR2s controller charging dock, which allows you to charge your controllers without connecting them to your PS5.

Altogether, this means youll pay £610 for the PlayStation VR2, a game and its dock.

As a reminder, the PS5 console itself – which of course youll need to use the PSVR2 – is now priced at £480 (or £390 for the discless version) following Sonys recent price hike.

So, if youre yet to get a PS5 and are looking to also budget for a PSVR2 and all the trimmings, youll need £1090.

Switchback VR is a new entry in Supermassive Games The Dark Pictures Anthology for PSVR2.

Pre-orders for the PlayStation VR2 will only be available to players in the UK, US, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg from the PlayStation Direct starting on 15th November, though you can register for a pre-order today.

PlayStation has cautioned that these will then be shipped “throughout the week of launch” – so you may not get one exactly on release day.

Sony has also announced a range of new PSVR2 titles, including a new entry in Supermassive Games The Dark Pictures Anthology set on a roller coaster ride – you can see the trailer for that above – and a VR version of Cities Skylines.

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