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OlliOlli World's final expansion detailed ahead of November release

OlliOlli World is poised to receive its second and final expansion on 2nd November – and developer Roll7 has offered a closer look at its skybound skating hijinks ahead of its arrival.

Finding The Flowzone, as the new expansion is known, takes OlliOlli Worlds acclaimed skating action high above Radlandia, with players roaming the clouds in a fantastical floating boat alongside the infamous Radmospheric Three – “grizzled sea-dog Captain Squid, the prim and proper Professor Planks, and the mystically inclined Christopher Licht”.

Ultimately, the goal is to reach the fabled city of Radlantis, meet the legendary Gail Force, and compete before the Skate Godz to earn the Radlantis Rivals Cup. First, though, players must complete courses set among the clouds, with some familiar Radlandia sights providing the backdrop.

Finding The Flowzone follows OlliOlli Worlds acclaimed Void Riders expansion.

These courses will be governed by the wind, with players needing to use new Windzones to propel themselves over obstacles, even backward to reach hidden routes. Roll7 says the new mechanic is intended to compliment “everything youve learned throughout the main game, and [give] you brilliant new chances to pull off more tricks and achieve higher scores.”

Finding The Flowzone features familiar sights from the base game, albeit seen from a distance.

Elsewhere, Finding the Flowzone introduces new Burly routes – designed to offer a tougher challenges beyond main and Gnarly routes – plus a range of new customisation options.

Finding The Flowzone – which is available to purchase either seperately or as part of OlliOlli Worlds £11.99 Expansion Pass if you happen to own that – will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on 2nd November.

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