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No Man's Sky's big 4.0 update is out now with some very lengthy patch notes

No Mans Skys big new 4.0 update – now officially titled Waypoint – is finally out in the wild. But while developer Hello Games broke from tradition for this latest releases, revealing some of its additions ahead of launch, the studio has now shared some extremely lengthy patch notes, discussing its contents in considerably more granular detail.

The top-level stuff we already knew about; as Hello Games boss Sean Murray told Eurogamer earlier this week, Waypoint – which arrives alongside a new Switch port for No Mans Sky – is less about big new additions and more about major quality of life improvements.

To that end, Hello Games had previously teased a bunch of rejigging and streamlining intended to turn No Mans Skys last six years of updates “into a more cohesive whole”, as well as a new, less grindy Relaxed mode, a Survival mode revamp, plus extensive options for custom games.

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No Mans Sky – Waypoint (4.0) Update Trailer.

No Mans Skys newly released patch notes, though, break those core new features down considerably further. Inventories, for instance, have now jettisoned the somewhat redundant general storage tab and kept inventories designed specifically for equipped technology upgrades and cargo. Both have been substantially expanded, and now feature extremely useful filters to make it easier to find stuff.

Its worth noting that limits have been put on the number of tech upgrades of a single type the inventory will support, but excess tech can now be bundled into packages and transferred over for use in your other ships, weapons, and so on.

In fact, nearly all menu elements have been reshuffled and redesigned to make information easier to locate, with re-organised areas for milestone progress, the item catalogue, and guide, plus helpful new features such as a crafting tree visualiser and refiner/cooking recipes being saved once discovered through experimentation. Its now even possible to see all the lore youve previously unlocked relating to No Mans Skys various plot lines, should you have lost track over several hundred hours of play time.

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No Mans Sky – Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer.

Elsewhere, the game now features a proper autosave system which will constantly record progress throughout play (manual saves are still available should you want to wind back for any reason), and an extensive range of difficulty options let players independently tweak the parameters of any session on the fly – perhaps disabling hostile encounters or increasing resource payouts to reduce the grind.

Additionally, Waypoint brings a wealth of visual upgrades impacting the likes of ancient alien structures, beacons, holograms, teleporters, the Space Anomaly, and even Atlas encounters. Therere also rare asteroids to be discovered, new personal trade rockets that let players fire unwanted goods into space to sell without needing to be near a Galactic Trade Network point, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 2 support on PC, and a load more. Full (and even more lengthy) patch notes can be found on Hello Games website.

As for Switch, players on Nintendos platform can pick up a selection of nifty exclusive rewards from the Space Anomaly – namely two ships decked out in the consoles iconic blue/red colour scheme combo – by connecting to No Man’s Skys servers before 7th November 2022.

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