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Nintendo says stop using its 2005 Wi-Fi dongle

Nintendo's Wi-Fi dongle.

Nintendo fans should immediately stop using its archaic Wi-Fi dongle, the company has said.

The device – officially named the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector – slotted into your PC and provided internet access to the Nintendo DS.

However, continued use now risks your computer being targeted by “unauthorised access” or “infection of the computer terminal” with a virus, Nintendo has now cautioned.

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In a customer support blog post, Nintendo apologised for the inconvenience (thanks, Nintendo Life).

The companys 2008 Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter (only released in Japan) is also covered by todays warning.

It is unclear how many people still use these devices today.

“If you continue to use these devices, there is a risk of unauthorised access from the outside or infection of the connected terminal with a computer virus,” a translated version of the article states.

“For security protection, we ask that customers who are currently using the product stop using it immediately and switch to a commercially available network device.

“We apologise for the inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

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