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New World's Summer Medleyfaire is coming soon

The Summer Medleyfaire has arrived in New World.

In a blog post that outlines the latest update, Amazon Games says the team “took a stylish approach to immersive characters and settings” and whether you prefer “pirates or musical themes, every aspect of this celebration radiates summer fun”.

New World: Dev Update – July 2022.

Right now you can only participate in the aforementioned summer fun via the Public Test Realm (PTR), but the event should be rolling out to all players later in July.

As revealed last month, the Summer Medleyfaire includes musical games, fishing – you can show off your best catches at home – and the chance to unlock new items, including starter instruments. Oh, and therell be pirates, too.

As for how the event will encapsulate lazy summer days?

“The main inspiration for the Summer Medleyfaire came from modern music festivals,” explained concept artist Andy Lee. “We wanted bright and colourful palettes to represent the excitement of summer and leaned heavily on coastal or beach motifs like bonfires, tiki torches, and grilling.

“Overall, the creation of the environment and its various components were fun to create. There weren’t too many challenges. One of the main discussions we had when concepting this area was how we were going to take the modern idea of a music concert and fit it into a period location with more fantastical elements.”

Have you played Arenas yet? The new mode came as part of the MMOs May update, which also ushers in expedition mutators, a Varangian Knights quest chain – where you can “continue the story of the Varangian Knights and their conquest for power” – a PvP rewards track, and “a whole host of other updates”.

In the face of a dwindling player base for fantasy MMO New World following its barnstorming launch last September, last March Amazon Games shared a “broad overview” of its content release plans for the games next three seasons in 2022.

March saw the arrival of New Worlds Heart of Madness update, bringing the games main storyline to a close with a new endgame expedition, Tempests Heart, which promises a “final showdown” against Isabella in a corrupted dimension of reality.

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