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New Tomb Raider Anniversary mod adds Angel of Darkness assets to the game

A new mod for Tomb Raider Anniversary adds a variety of assets from Angel of Darkness to its successor.

The mod in question comes from Raq on Nexxus Mods. Raq has made it so a multitude of items in Anniversary now get an Angel of Darkness makeover. This includes everything from characters to weapons.

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Tomb Raider Anniversary trailer.

With this mod in play, you can replace the athletic Lara Croft with Margot Carvier, Angel of Darkness demure academic from the Louvres Department of Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Margot Carveir surveys the scene.

You can also run around Anniversarys lush jungles in Laras double denim ensemble.

Please dont get that outfit wet!

Angel of Darkness is often regarded as one of the weaker entries into the Tomb Raider series. While many praised its overall story, the gameplay itself left little to be desired.

As such, it is nice to know that Angel of Darkness Lara can now move with the efficiency of Anniversarys Lara, even if only as a cosmetic.

This picture makes me cold just by looking at it.

Meanwhile, here is Angel of Darkness Kurtis Trent as Anniversarys Larson.

Larson is looking a little bit different here 🤔 pic.twitter.com/FTdJMYnyMl

— Raq (@Raq_murillo) August 8, 2022

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As for the Tomb Raider series as a whole, back in April, it was announced that the next installment in the series was being made in Unreal Engine 5. This will be the first outing for Lara since Crystal Dynamics was bought by Embracer as part of a huge deal with Square Enix.

Since then, Days Gone director Jeff Ross has joined the studio, although it has not been confirmed he is working specifically on that game.

In addition to Ross, former Call of Duty developer Belinda Garcia has confirmed she is working on “the future of Tomb Raider” as a narrative designer.

As for the game itself, Crystal Dynamics has previously said that future titles in the franchise will unite the reboot trilogy and the original games timelines.

While we have heard nothing official on its story, a recent leak suggested that this upcoming adventure will see a more mature Lara Croft leading a team of younger tomb raiders as she deals with the isolation of success.

Meanwhile, the Tomb Raider film franchise recently hit a snag, and MGM has now lost the rights to the movies.

This has resulted in a bidding war for the rights, which now means that former Lara Croft actress Alicia Vikander is no longer attached to the project.

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