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New Tales from the Borderlands coming this October

Following on from a leak earlier this month, Gearbox has officially unveiled its upcoming game, New Tales from the Borderlands. As we sort of already knew, it is coming on 21st October across Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC (via Steam and Epic).

This standalone, choice based, narrative is set in the “perpetually war-torn Promethea” and will see players deciding the fates of “three underdogs out to make mayhem in their business”. And what of these underdogs? Well, they are altruistic scientist Anu (pictured above), her ambitious “streetwise” brother Octavio, and the fierce, frogurt-flinging Fran.

You can see the trailer, which was shown during Gamescom Opening Night Live, for New Tales from the Borderlands below.

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“Most stories in the Borderlands start bloody… they end bloody too”

Gearbox and publisher 2k promise New Tales from the Borderlands will give players an “extraordinary cinematic adventure”, complete with a “planetary invasion” and “cold-hearted capitalists”. There are even guns with legs.

“Every choice big or small can impact how the story unfolds, often in unexpected ways, and only by playing through the game will players fully understand how their decisions can change the Borderlands.”

Those eager to get their hands on New Tales from the Borderlands are able to pre-order the game now. The Standard Edition will set you back £34.99, and is available in a digital format only.

If you opt for the £44.99 Deluxe Edition, however, you will also get Tales from the Borderlands included with your purchase.

This original Tales from the Borderlands story followed the adventures of Hyperion employee Rhys (played by Troy Baker) and Pandoran con-artist Fiona (Laura Bailey) as they attempted to locate and open one of Borderlands legendary Vault.

It was widely praised, with Eurogamers own Matt Wales believing it to be “both the best Borderlands title and the best Telltale game”.

Those that do pre-order New Tales from the Borderlands will additionally get the Adventure Capital Pack. This pack comes complete with “cosmetics for Anu, Octavio and Fran, 10k in-game currency and an in-game FL4K Vaultlander collectible!”

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