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New Bomberman game coming to Apple Arcade

Apple Arcade users will soon be getting a new game in the Bomberman series to add to their collection.

Amazing Bomberman will be available to download on the iOS Apple Arcade this Friday (5th August).

The release of Amazing Bomberman will introduce “musical mayhem to the storied series” and see players “use various bomb types to smash obstacles and collect special items as the stage changes to match different songs”. You can check out the new trailer for it all below.

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Amazing Bombermans teaser trailer.

Konami promises Amazing Bomberman will offer users easy to play online battles, with the game catering to both solo players and those that want to battle it out with friends (which can be done through the aptly named “friend battle” mode).

There will also be a series of collectible items available that players will be able to customise.

As for the games soundtrack, Konami states this will be a “fusion of Bomberman and originally composed music”.

Earlier this year, the developer announced its plans to pull the plug on Super Bomberman R Online, with the service due to go offline on 1st December.

Konami did not go into the specifics of why it made this decision, only citing “various circumstances” as the catalyst for the closure.

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